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Cherry picker hire in Kent and surrounding areas

There are lots of domestic DIY projects that can be made easier with the use of a cherry picker. 

Any type of work that is carried out at height can be dangerous and for many people the thought of scaffolding or industrial ladder hire is daunting, as it can be expensive and time consuming.

Here at Ashford Extra Reach in Kent we know for a fact that by the time scaffolding has been erected at your home, one of our cherry pickers and its operator can have the job done!

Cherry picker hire

What do we charge?

  • We charge £30 per hour (minimum 2 hours, plus £1 per mile one way only) which includes one of our specially trained cherry picker operators*
  • Onsite fuel usage is included in the hourly rate
Mail: info@ashfordextrareach.co.uk
Phone: 07876 213 777
* We do not offer self drive cherry picker hire for the general public. This is solely for safety reasons. 
cherry pickers

Why choose Ashford Extra Reach?

  • We don't charge VAT on our cherry picker hire fees, which saves you 20% of the cost!
  • Our cherry pickers are hired out with an operator who is trained to British Safety Standards holding a certificate and licence in the relevant fields for working at heights
  • Free quotations available
  • Domestic and commercial customers welcome
  • Highly competitive rates
  • A family run, reputable business
Read our terms and conditions before booking

For cherry picker hire in Kent and surrounding areas,
call Ashford Extra Reach for your free quotation on
07876 213 777
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